Metallic Benches

We manufacture anti-vibration benches for suspending or supporting machines with respect to a support structure to reduce the rates of resonance in low, medium and high frequencies. Our metal benches are made with standard steel profiles, depending on the characteristics of the machinery to carry, are made with one kind or another profile (UPN – HBE – IPN). The benches have a double NK anticorrosive primer composed of anti-oxidant and a protection layer on the basis of plastics and rubber, which gives it greater resistance to moisture, salt water and oxidation.


According to the characteristics of the machinery will be installed to withstand vibration systems (rubber, spring or pneumatic). System have “easy installer” to facilitate the installation of anti-vibration systems, this system can be purchased separately to the bench structure.


Generic use in HVAC systems, machine compressors, condensers, evaporators, commercial and industrial ventilation, washers, centrifuges, pressure equipment, industrial refrigeration … Our technical studies and analyzes each particular machine, it collected information and data sheets , manufacturer recommendations and specifications (support points, rpm, weight, center of gravity, operating system, …) to customize the main or anti-vibration system to implement.


In the pictures you can see a sample of the different systems “easy installer”.