Cabins and Enclosures

In NOISE KONTROL we make an integral design of acoustic cabins and enclosures including calculation, the design itself of the enclosure, the production, pre-assembly and final installation thereof.


Our acoustic cabins and enclosures are made with NK 80 panels sandwich-type (sheet shaped by the outside, perforated plate and the inner surface acoustic mineral fiber core between the two) of 80 mm thick.  The outer face of the panel is profiled sheet-dip galvanized bath of molten zinc with the possibility of having different finishes. The inside is a sheet of perforated metal with similar characteristics. The insulating core consists of fireproof mineral wool with mineral fibers oriented perpendicular to the plates, which are arranged in a staggered slats flipped to give more consistency and resistance to the system. The own NOISE KONTROL milling system guarantees the complete filling of special voids ribbed or corrugated profile.


The mounting system is done with concealed fixing dovetail. Acoustical panels set in a U-shaped galvanized, mounting it  base  on a structural square galvanized tube and are crowned with an elaborate structure with the same type of galvanized tube. The ceilings are calculated with the respective slope and are waterproofed with asphalt. Depending on the features can be installed water collection gutters. The final dimensions of the shield and wind conditions in the area give final location parameters for calculating their braces.


All installation materials are recoverable and reinstall in another place. The finishes are silver colored polyester, paint applied in a coil-coating line based on polyester resins, pigments, silica & solvents, forming a layer of 25 microns. This protection provides good corrosion resistance and excellent value for money. The exterior finish of the screen can be paintable in any other color.


Some shielded require high airflow being able to be this natural or forced, with adaptation of acoustic air vents or silencers with their protections. Viewers can also incorporate acoustic, acoustic doors and other accessories.