Acoustic Shields

The NK absober 80 MET acoustic shield model is made with panels formed of two sheets of galvanized steel by immersion in molten zinc likely to have different finishes.


The insulating core consists of mineral wool (rock glass) with a density of 100 kg/m2, with mineral fibers oriented perpendicular to the sheets. The core is formed by strips of mineral wool flipped and arranged in a stepwise manner to give more consistency and resistance to the system. The own Noise Kontrol milling system guarantees the complete filling of special voids of the ribbed or corrugated profile. The classification of mineral wool at the reaction to fire is M0, no combustible.


The finishes are silver colored polyester, paint applied in a coil-coating line based on polyester resins, pigments, silica & solvents, forming a layer of 25 microns. This protection provides good corrosion resistance and excellent value for money. The exterior finish of the screen can be paintable in any other color. The mounting system is made by dovetail with concealed fixing, setting its perimeter on a “U” profile of 40-80-40 and a thickness of 1.5 mm. Panel weight of 16.6 mm is 80 kg/m2.