Acoustic Windows

The weakest element of sound insulation purposes in a façade is the window, being fundamental take care for all the technical and design details to enhance and increase the maximum noise attenuation level can be achieved with enclosures.


The improvement obtained in relation to global isolation of the window depends almost exclusively on the percentage of voids in the facade, ranging from 0.5 dB for 90% of holes up to 10dB for 10% of holes in the facade.


To improve the overall insulation of the facade must affect a decisive influence the degree of tightness, the material they are manufactured windows profiles, the number of points of closure, the sealing material and the glazing. These features of the windows may have variations on the order of 20 db.


The material component of PVC joinery profiles, its thermoplastic properties can assemble the elements by welding and without other material, and its elasticity and the nature of the elastomers used as sealing, carpentry gives the characteristics of paramount importance in sound insulation.


Our engineering department will advise the correct sound system that best suits your needs as well as glassware that will provide optimal attenuation levels that are required for the activity or level of comfort you want, assessing the many options and combinations woodworking is in acoustics and types of glass.