Rectangular Silencers

The calculation of the dimensions and modulation of NOISE KONTROL silencers, in accordance with the previous acoustic study, is conditioned by necessary acoustic attenuation, the flow of air from the plant, the available pressure and the specific conditions of each project. Through a process of standardized construction of galvanized sheet steel, are manufactured the envelopes of the resistive silencers slot. Inside, the acoustic absorbent baffles units are set, also has anti-resonant elastic band.


Through a process of standardized construction of galvanized steel, the envelopes of resistive mufflers slot are manufactured. Inside the units are set acoustic absorbent baffles, having also anti-resonant elastic band. These absorption units are formed by different density mineral wool, not hydrophilic and suitable for the development of microorganisms; are coated with felt totally fireproof fiberglass high mechanical strength. This feature allows faster air transport without protection. The standardized dimensions of the baffles are 50, 100 and 200 mm. Can also be available aerodynamic kit with very low noise level generated and minimum pressure loss, 10% reduction of turbulence.


The connection is standardized framework and profile brackets METU SYSTEM 30 mm. NOISEKONTROL silencers can be supplied with related accessories such as anti-rain visors and anti-bird visors, flanges, canopies, filters, etc.