CN Circular Silencers

NOISE KONTROL adapts to the demands and requirements of the industry designing and manufacturing high efficiency circular silencers. Basically we manufacture two models: with or without inner core.


NK core circular silencer is made with a metal outer enclosure of galvanized steel and galvanized steel perforated plate inside. Between the two plates are evenly distributed fireproof mineral fiber wool with protective veil of black glass, which act as insulation. The connections are made with duct connection flanges.


NK core circular silencer is designed for situations which require greater noise attenuation; incorporating a central core made ​​of galvanized steel perforated sheet with aluminum caps notched streamlined to help reduce the loss. Both the core and perimeter walls are uniformly distributed within mineral fiber fire-retardant wool, with protective veil of black glass, which act as insulation.


As NK CSN silencers come in standard lengths of 1 m, 1.5 m and 2.0 m.