Viscoren ® is a line of viscoelastic materials natural elastic response , which maintain the excellent antivibration properties of natural rubber , improve the characteristics of mechanical strength and durability of the rubber , and also allow the reversible conversion and the recyclability of the material.
The behavior of the vibration and compression of the polymer , makes it an ideal material for use in mechanical engineering, also obtaining considerable advantages in terms of production process , avoiding the vulcanization and other delicate processes rubber .
The material has hardness ratings from 13 Shore A, unattainable for rubber, which allows us to provide more optimal and stable systems solutions small charge .
Moreover, from its base formulation allows us to obtain a better resistance to different agents giving rise to new fields of application in which the classic rubbers could not be used due to susceptibility showing against certain chemicals or environmental elements such as ozone or UV, eventually presenting a markedly exceeds the durability of conventional and synthetic rubber. The elastic and mechanical properties as well as the advantages obtained in the production and use of these materials , open up a wide range of possibilities.