Spring Systems

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Composed of different types of coil springs with metal parts made ​​of steel. They have the advantage of allowing large deformations to a wide range of loads but with a reduced internal buffer. They are very effective in the isolation of low frequencies (above 600 rpm).The series of all-metal insulators low working resonance frequency compression / suspension. They are very effective for all types of machines whose rotational speeds are low.


NK metallic dampers are formed with the following characteristics:
– Spring steel high strength standard and treated according to DIN in-process “Peeling Shot” to prolong their resistance to dynamic aging.

– Finished in epoxy coating is far superior in thickness and protection to their counterparts made ​​with galvanic treatments that also damage the surface of the wire of the spring due to attack rich in hydrogen ions (hydrogenation).

– Cylindrical metal bushings assembled outside the dock at its ends, provided with a locking system “SHS” it impossible to take off and, together with the viscous-elastic putty contains, prevents direct contact of metal parts and promotes sound opacity.

– Semi-oval metal base: avoid sharp edges between edges for comfortable handling. The mounting holes are designed to help center and ground fixing.

– His conformation is from a spring up to 8 units mounted on the same support structure, all based on weight to be supported and the performance characteristics we want.
This sort of dampers can be mounted on two concepts: compression, installing machinery over them and traction, installing them hanging machinery incorporating a lift cage.


Our technical department will inform and advise on the type and the system that best suits your needs.