Acoustic Intakes

Acoustic NOISE KONTROL grids are calculated, designed and manufactured to fulfill the functions of a silencer, protection against rain & birds and preserve the aesthetics of the facade where they are located. Its attenuation capacity is between 9 and 16 dB in the frequency band of 250 Hz. Made of galvanized steel in monoblock system form a single aesthetic element, incorporating a support structure, which houses the air foil absorbers coated by perforated sheet.


There are two basic models:
NK-300 – 10 dB attenuation at 250 Hz
NK-600 – Attenuation 17 dB at 250 Hz


Based on a previous acoustic study, acoustic grid is selected depending on the necessary attenuation; the final dimensions are calculated based on air flow, the pressure drop and the hole measures available on site. These grids can be installed in walls and walls of engine rooms or can be  adapted to enclosures and acoustic shieldings.